21/10/2012 13:08

hi @ll!!

after i saw the problems (for my luck are not to many....) i decided to make 14.2 ---> 15 + 15.1!!
this time i will let the betas test more time and not give them betas every 2 hours...

a sneak peak of v15.x:

-fixed FMradio
-fixed root for some app
-mwakiousSYSTEMmanagment GEN3 v.2.0 
+fixed the cores (sorry about this.... )

-mwakiousANTIKANGsecurity v.2.0
+fixed the freeze and reboot ONLY if you have already my rom

-mwakiousCOLORenhancement v.2.0
+fixed the color agressivity(sorry....i did realise how much i added )

and some more.....

-kernel tuner 3 is not compatible,use v2.3

dl's of v14+14.1
rapidshare 6546
androidfilehost 1230 

TY for this!!!!!!!!!!!!