very good job

norman | 18/11/2012

very good x 1000 times u r the best ( u+your team) best evo 3d rom creator. Q: how can i overclock evo 3d safely with any app give me a name please and values for overclocking and thanks again.


About some problems...

mwakious | 23/10/2012

hi @ll!!
i'm trying to fix all problems.....
only thing thats left is powerAMP and handcent...i'm close fixing them...all others are fixed!! :)

Re: About some problems...

guffe2005 | 03/11/2012

Nothing hot news about version 15 ?? is it releashed tonite perhaps ??


andrius | 22/10/2012

Why dosn't work poweramp.apk on evo 3d 13.1and 14.1 rom?


mwakious | 20/10/2012

thank you all for your coments!!

Re: TY

guffe2005 | 21/10/2012

Your welcome Mwakious you do a terrific god job here .I have to ask you ,when i close a app an go to home my phone got a white stripe accross the screen with "reading" inside a long time before its ready for new commands ,i only install my app again from googleplay ,somethimes i got the full white HTC screen ,do you have some good tips for me ,TY Kurt

Best wishes

guffe2005 | 19/10/2012

Hi Team Mawakious best wishes with your new site here ,i like your work very well .
I cant comment your nice work on XDA im reg user but i cant comment so it was a big thing this site .Kurt Denmark

Great work!!!

silviusasa | 19/10/2012

Thank you and the team for for the effort you put into this... can`t wait for the new rom :D

hard working

fklases | 19/10/2012

Keep on your hard work team...but please keep it simple too :)


Vladimyr | 19/10/2012

with launch of the site \^-^/

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